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Rock Wear
is a young and dynamic clothing label "stirring the pot" of active wear fashions since 1991. In a world that tends to focus on cutting corners, Rock Wear is uniquely quality driven, focussing on cutting edge designs in the best quality fabrics available. Not only do they look and feel good, all of our products are designed to withstand the rigours of the hardest workout.No garment is see through. Linings are fitted in all lighter garments. Rock Wear's diamond gussets are incorporated in all the standard tights.

Limited Editions 2006: is full of highlight items only available while stocks last. All garments are either best sellers or great new designs tested through a multitude of sports from Tennis-to-Running-to-Yoga …. Rock Wear takes the technical aspects needed for sport, gives it style and then designs for EVERY WOMAN.

Rocklite: Popular Essentials styles in “LITE” fabric. This range satisfies those who want a cooler / cheaper option but still want the famous ROCKWEAR manufacturing quality. All items are manufactured in a lighter weight cotton lycra than our traditional lycra!

designer 2006: A location photo shoot always makes a new range of clothing fit our very different lifestyles. This range is no exception. Whether it is for your gym workouts or Sundays at the beach or knocking around with the family at the local playground ROCKWEAR fits the picture. Soft colours like LATTE, MELON, APPLE AND POWDER BLUE contrast well with the strong STEEL and WHITE... Check it out!

Essentials 3 range: Rock Wear is proud once again to be providing exciting new fitness and active wear options for you as you hit the gym in time for the Christmas holidays.There is a terrific mix of athletic Lycra and Coolmesh options along with some great casual looks in a range of this season’s sensational colours. Coolmesh—the lightweight breathable sports mesh fabric has been used in loose fitting workout shorts and singlets. Look out for the styles in our new SUPPLEX fabric.

Spectrum: Rock: Wear is boldly making a statement with the new Spectrum range. As the name suggests, fitness fashion is about making your lifestyle vibrant, lively and energetic.This fantastic catalogue is saturated in colour and choices for all seasons, indoors or out. Comfort and function are once again extremely important to us but we also want to make you feel very special. We trust the new styles, colours and variety of fabrics will achieve this.

Glow: Rock Wear is giving your lifestyle top priority with Glow, our new season's catalogue.Browsing the pages of the catalogue you will notice a strong move towards clothing designed for a wide range of uses and body types. Comfort and function are once again extremely important to us, but we also want you to feel special.It's time to look good, it's time to GLOW...

Fusion 2004: Fusion.... it's where it all comes together.Fusion is filled with new styles and great fresh colour combinations for the new season. Fusion is the melding of style, colour, comfort, performance and durability in this great new range of ladies' wear.

The Essential Collection: Rock Wear Essentials are a range of classic designs that will stand the test of time. And remember, there are more colour options available for each style. Just click on each of the styles to check them out.

Pitbull Clothing
Pitbull is proud to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are dissatisfied with any item you've purchased from Pitbull, simply return the item in its original condition within 14 days for an exchange or full refund.

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MNbee's Sports fashion line of women's sportswear, and fitness clothing offers a delightful combination of high end women's sportswear. We use only high tech and unique fabrics, combined with today's hottest designs, and clothing trends in the women's sportswear industry. MNbee women's sportswear is a perfect fit for many women sport activities. Women use our line for aerobics, exercise equipment, running, yoga, golf and tennis. Women can work out looking attractive and feel sexy. Take a look thorough our online store and see which sports fashion items fits your personal taste.

MNbee women's sportswear is a company dedicated to introduce style and fashion to the women's sportswear gear.Each style of MNbee women's sportswear bottoms has been carefully designed to accentuate a woman's body, showing off her uniqueness. Whether you want to look sexy, feminine, give off a little attitude, or leave things to the imagination, Our pants are as beautiful as they are comfortable, and provide a whole new way to approach women's sportswear. Just like our line of pants, the MNbee line of women's sportswear tops has also been carefully designed to both accentuate and support a woman's body, showing off her individual uniqueness and style.

Welcome to our retail website. We are a leading brand name and private label manufacturer for the gym, fitness, and yoga clothing industry. Our most famous brand names are Pitbull Clothing and Reflex Sport. Since 1989 our company has been providing premium quality clothing to the fitness industry. We are now offering our high quality items direct to the public. We use only the finest quality fabric and sewing techniques. All items are made with pride in our own U.S. factory. Our clothing comes with a 30 day money back guarantee*. Check back often for special deals available through this website only. Thank you for shopping with us.

Bodyline Active wear Fitness Store
Since its inception in 1993, Bodyline Activewear has grown to become a leading Canadian active wear manufacturer of exercise wear and dance wear, Athletic wear, Body Wear, for aerobics, bodybuilding and casual wear. Our fitness wear is a collection of our customers’ favorite workout wear using the finest fabrics available. Bodyline Active wear’s fitness clothing line is one of the few that offer tall and petite sizing in the length of our leggings and probably the only company offering these options at the same price as regular sizing.The chlorine resistant Aqua fitness line, having been tested for chlorine resistance and performance in the water, is the most durable water sport apparel available in the market today. Functional and attractive, these bodysuits will give you more than one year of regular wear. We invite you to view our catalog of unique exercise, and aerobic wear. Online shopping is available on our site as well as our mail order, and fax options. Please read our Privacy and Return Policies. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lorna Jane
At Lorna Jane we are passionate about inspiring and promoting an active lifestyle. We are committed to excellence in our brand, our product quality, our customer service and influencing your life in a positive way. Our mission is to provide you with amazing products so that you can live a healthier, happier and more fun-filled life. We believe this will make your world a better place.

From our humble beginnings 15 years ago as a local retail shop where Ottawa’s performance athletes came to be outfitted, Six-O has evolved into a world class manufacturer of performance apparel. Our designs can be found world wide, and have built a reputation for great fitting, superior quality, and contemporary styling. Our team of design professionals has over 50 years of sport specific experience and applies that experience to the production of garments that not only look great, but will perform at the same high level that is expected of today’s athletes.

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